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An online store with homemade products for pet rodents.

About My Boutique

'The Rodent Boutique' is an online store that carries a variety of homemade products for your pet rodents.  From mice to guinea pigs, I create something fun for everyone. 

On my website, you have the option of creating a custom order or purchasing pre-made items for your rodent friends. Each product has been designed and created with care and in the best interest of your pet.  I only use materials and ingredients that are safe, and I am constantly evolving my products to make them better. 

I hope you enjoy shopping at my online boutique as much as I enjoy making my products for your rodent friends!

A Little History About Me

My name is Hailey, and I am the owner and creator of 'The Rodent Boutique.'  I founded my boutique when I was just 12 years old after developing a passion for pet rodents and their well-being. 

I have been fortunate to have several Syrian hamsters and a variety of rats over the years. I take great pride in providing each of my pet rodents with a fulfilling life and want others to do the same for their pet rodents.  I research and educate myself about their proper care, husbandry, and life enrichment requirements. Ultimately, this has helped with the products I create for 'The Rodent Boutique'.  My goal is simply to make affordable yet fun and safe products for all pet rodents. My inventory caters specifically to mice, dwarf hamsters, Syrian hamsters, gerbils, rats, chinchillas, and guinea pigs, but also to other little furries (such as sugar gliders, hedgehogs, and ferrets).  They all deserve a happy life!

Be sure to check out my entire website!  I have a variety of pre-made items and custom order options, as well as seasonal and holiday items.  Don't forget to sign up for emails to be a VIP!  By becoming a VIP, you will get to hear about sales, product updates, and receive exclusive coupons from 'The Rodent Boutique' before anyone else!

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Want to show off your love for pet rodents?  Order our "We Are Family" merchandise or grab a tee with "The Rodent Boutique" logo!  Click the link below to view and purchase from our separate merch site.

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